TS Babe With Big Bazookas And KILLER Body

(This model was 29 years old at the time of filming)


Watch as this funny, playful and super-horny TS babe unleashes her inner-most sexual needs – with hope of finding a nice guy.

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Weighing in at a mere 108lbs, one might think 18lbs of that is pure tits. She’s thin, cute as a button and sporting a very tight little ass. Cartoon here, as she calls herself, might honestly be mistaken for a CIS fem before a gyno gets down to business. Would that not be quite the surprise?! haha. But anyways. This delicious TS babe had just the outfit for our shoot. She prepared for the camera and came out sporting p-boy heels, a sexy blue dress and them big ol’ pair of knockers loosely covered – and ready to play! I got Cartoon’s number from a friend of mine and it was learned that she’s a business-woman that runs her own internet clothing shop. Not bad. She is young, fresh and able to take after herself. This explains where she got the hot outfit. Curiously, it also seems like it’s not the first time doing this sort of thing. She did say that she is looking for a nice guy. Cartoon figured meeting me would be a great way to continue her search. Tell me, were one of you guys inspired by Hello Ladyboy and filmed her for your own little ts babe sex-tapes before me? 😀 I’d be flattered and honoured.
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