Thai Teen Ladyboy Gets Covered In Cum Facial

(This model was 24 years old at the time of filming)


Freshly 18, originating from Bangkok and just picked up a dancing gig. This Thai teen ladyboy has all the right moves – and looks!

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Damn guys, did I ever strike lucky this week. I had setup a date with this girl that had texted me out of the blue. She sent me her pictures and told me that a mutual friend recommended we see each other. Right from the get-go, I was game. A couple days later, I met her in the lobby and was immediately awe-struck with just how tiny and feminine this brand new Thai teen ladyboy was. Her english was terrible, but in the international language of fucking – who cares? Once arriving in my room, she immediately began to pose and Pon here even smirked and giggled while doing it. Holy fuck. Cute overload. The greatest part, though, came when it was time to test out this petite Thai teen ladyboy’s cock-sucking skills. All ladyboys are typically better at sucking cock than the average person. The same is true when it comes to Pon. What is different, however, is that she is so fucking cute while doing it! Sensual, explorative and feeling right at home with it. I wish I could tell you that when it came to fucking, however, that it was just as wild. I was not. Quite frankly, the size of her compared to me… it was more of a battle of Pon just trying to stay alive under the full weight of my thick hard cock. Cute. But instead, we kept the fucking short to a couple positions and then gave her a huge load of my cum all across her forehead and onto her face. Epic thai trans facial, right? And yes, that was quite cute too 😉
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