Cute Ladyboy Teen Fucks For First Time On Camera

(This model was 25 years old at the time of filming)


Nene is a very lovely, shy, romantic and devilishly cute ladyboy that loves to please.

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Hey guys. I set up a photoshoot with this rediculously cute ladyboy that I found online. She’s been looking to find a good man but doesn’t mind having some “fun” on her search. A gurl has needs! I met her down at the lobby and by the time I had her upstairs, I immediately knew that she had just the perfect attitude. Conversational, despite her shyness, and came well-prepared to shoot her very first “pon” with Hello ladyboy! What blows my mind (and soon my cock, haha) is just how petite and girlie this lil’ tart is. I was seriously starting to question what plumbing she actually had. Maybe I made a mistake? I’m going to fuck her anyways, being as cute as Nene is, but the curiosity was killing me! Soon, though, as the photoshoot turned more on the naughty side, I was pleased to find that yes… she is in fact a cute ladyboy and not just a girl. Finding a growing sensation under her dress, we both compared out love guns and she proceeded to offer me her mouth. Damn.. so beautiful and so damn cute watching her go. All over my bed. With no shame and extreme horniness, I push my dick in and soon feel her tight asshole envelop my every need. Proving once again, nobody fucks and pleases quite like my Hello Ladyboy models do!.
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